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Restaurant Vent Hood Cleaning Stops Fires!

Phoenix Hood Cleaning welcomes you to our website! Are you a Phoenix restaurant owner in need of a reliable and fully insured hood cleaner? Then look no further! Call us and schedule a cleaning today!  We cover ever commercial kitchen cleaning need. From hoods and exhausts to full kitchen cleanings. Call us today for a quote! Let us help you keep your restaurant safe for your staff and customers! If you are operating any type of commercial kitchen that uses a stove top, grill, or brick oven, it is essential to get your hoods, exhaust fans, grease traps, and grease ducts cleaned on a regular basis. In fact, is required by the NFPA that you schedule a cleaning from 30 days to every six months depending on what type of foods you are serving. 

Restaurant Kitchen Grease Removal

Your kitchen grease exhaust systems can build up with grease extremely fast with regular use and become an extreme fire hazard and put not only your business but your employees, customers and the lives of innocent bystanders in harm’s way. Grease is a very flammable substance no matter what form it may be in from solid to vapor. It catches fire extremely quickly and burns at a high rate of speed and is hard to control once started. Especially here in the state capital of Arizona where we see little rainfall, fire hazards are a real concern.Not only is it a fire hazard but it can be harmful to your health if not dealt with like it should be. 

Build up can cause exhaust vents and fans to plug up and filter those toxic grease vapors back into your kitchen and cause your employees to get sick. Call us at Phoenix Hood and Commercial Kitchen Cleaning to create a safeguard for your business. We are a fully insured company and have been professionally trained to do this type of work to prevent health and fire hazard. Not only do we do our job well but we treat your property like it was our own. I’d say we leave it like we left it but we don’t. We leave it cleaner!

Phoenix Hood Cleaning

At Phoenix Hood Cleaning, we pressure clean all hoods down to NFPA 96 standards, guaranteed to pass all fire inspections in the city of Phoenix. Done right the first time. Call Now to schedule your hood cleaning!

Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning

Your kitchen exhaust is prone to store flammable particles and grease, rest assured we completely eradicate all fire hazards from your vents in one pass.

Exhaust Fan Cleaning

The roof-top exhaust fan is an often overlooked part of getting your kitchen hoods cleaned, but here at Phoenix Hood Cleaning, we don't cut corners, we clean them!

Phoenix Requires Your Kitchen Hoods Clean!

We are a Phoenix-based Hood and Commercial Kitchen Cleaning company that will see that your kitchen gets the best care and most professional cleaning that it has ever received. Scheduling regular cleaning for your hood and exhaust system is a requirement of the National Fire Protection Association and your insurance company. It not only greatly decreases the risk of a fire in your business but can also lower your insurance costs! The cost of having your kitchen cleaned is very well worth it when you see how much it could save you in the end! Maybe you need more than just your kitchen clean? We can provide entire kitchen cleanings as well! Any concerns you have for your kitchen feel free to ask and we will try to help you as best as possible. We have experienced technicians that have seen it all.

Restaurant Grease Cleaning

We are grease cleaning professionals and we understand to the utmost how important it is that your exhaust systems and grease traps are installed right and are working like they should be to keep your business safe and healthy. An exhaust in any type of commercial kitchen such as churches with regular fish fry’s or hotels that make breakfast in the morning for their overnight company is important that it gets a professional cleaner to make sure that it is cleaned properly. 

Let us here at Phoenix Hood Cleaning help you maintain your commercial kitchen hood and exhaust cleaning.

Restaurant Grease Cleaning

Grease buildup in kitchen hoods and vents in a commercial kitchen is a very normal thing that happens when you cook foods with oil. But if not cleaned properly and on a regular basis, it can create a very unsafe environment for your employees and customers. Not only is a major fire hazard but it causes a very smelly atmosphere that is unhealthy for everyone breathing that air in. If you allow grease to build up your risk of having a fire greatly increases. When cooking, it is not unusual for oil to get too hot and ignite. If you have grease built up then those vapors will travel up and catch your entire hood and exhaust system on fire along with everything else. Fire marshals, insurance companies, and health inspectors all have a mandated requirement that if have a commercial kitchen that you must have your hoods cleaned on a regular basis. Depending on what type of food you serve will change how often you have to have your hoods cleaned. If you don’t follow what is required you could be in major danger of having a fire or having your restaurant shut down.

#1 Kitchen Vent Hood Cleaner in Phoenix, AZ!

What Happens In A Hood Cleaning?

If you are not familiar with the procedure of hood cleaning, let us break it down for you.

We apply a degreaser to your hoods or vents and any surface we are removing grease from. Don’t worry about us getting water on the other appliances or rest of your kitchen. Plastic is put down to ensure we don’t damage anything. Next, we will use a pressure washer to wash your hood and exhaust vents from bottom to top to ensure no grease is left. Not only do we ensure your hood is clean inside the kitchen, but we take it outdoors! Since grease not only builds upon the hoods inside, we climb on the roof and take the exhaust fans and vents apart to make sure they are free of grease.

Getting Your Hoods Cleaned Is Essential

Getting your hoods cleaned in your commercial kitchen is essential to your safety and also to your health. Here at Phoenix Hood Cleaning, we ensure that your hoods are free of grease after every cleaning and that our customers are completely satisfied and our left with a safe kitchen for their staff and clientele. Call us today for a quote or to schedule an appointment. We work at night when you are sleeping so you don’t have to be bothered about closing or opening early to fit us into your day. 

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Why Hire Phoenix Hood Cleaning – Kitchen Exhaust Cleaners?

If you are wondering why you should hire Phoenix Hood Cleaners, we are the best in the business. Our technicians are highly trained with experience and are highly particular in the work that they do. We make certain we have done the job right and we always check to make sure your exhaust fans and vents are installed correctly to provide the best ventilation and safety. Not only is the grease and toxins gone but you can breathe easier knowing your system is working appropriately. We leave your kitchen sparkling and a cleaner, healthy, safer environment for your employees and customers. 

How Often Do I Need My Hoods Cleaned?

Depending on what type of food you prepare for your consumers, you may need to get your hoods cleaned on a more frequent basis according to what is mandated in your area. Some places need to clean as often as every 30 days. Don’t wait until its too late!

If your building should build down due to a grease fire or grease related and you do not have a hood cleaner in place that is hood cleaner your kitchen or restaurant, your insurance may not cover your cost of damage due to negligence. 

Grease Trap Cleaning

When cleaning commercial kitchens we can have special equipment to clean those hard to reach places such as grease traps. We scrape down the exhaust systems from the bottom to the top and apply food safe chemicals with a garden like a sprayer to the hood and entire vent and exhaust system to break down the grease. After it sits awhile we wash off the solution with hot water. Next hot water pressure washers wash off the excess grease and our food safe chemicals onto heavy plastic that runs into bins so none of the mess goes into your kitchen. Hoods are always left polished and shiny and our business sticker is put on so your fire marshal or insurance agency knows we have been there and you are taking care of your restaurant or commercial kitchen properly. 

We Clean Your Hoods On Your Time

You don’t have to worry about us working on your restaurant hours because we always work after hours and we are the unseen miracle workings of preventing fires! 

Quality Is Key For Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning.

Don’t waste your time with cheap hood cleaners or trying to do it yourself. We are equipped and qualified professionals that will make sure you receive the best Scottsdale Tow Truck Company.  Call us at Phoenix Hood and Commercial Kitchen Cleaning.

Phoenix Hood Cleaning Pros

Phoenix Hood Cleaning is founded upon our customer’s satisfaction and a job well is done. Help us keep our beautiful desert of Phoenix safe from fires! We are proud to be part of Phoenix and are most happy to serve you. Not only do we guarantee a job well done but we go the extra mile in making sure your kitchen is scheduled to be cleaned as mandated by the N.F.A. according to your area. You can relax knowing that your kitchen trustworthy and reliable hands. Thanks for stopping by and give us a call today!

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